Wednesday, November 28

Empanada - Like Pizza Pockets: Cook Once Eat Thrice Meal 2

Confession: Until we had adopted our son I had no desire whatsoever to learn Spanish. Now more than a year later I am cooking Mexican food, and going to be starting to learn Spanish in a few months.  I had grown up with a north western American style of Tex-Mex so I wasn't completely oblivious, but kinda close considering EVERYTHING was covered in shredded cheddar cheese! So I am starting off with learning how to say Mexican/ Latin American food words. Sounds delightful if you ask my stomach. This recipe is a mix between a pizza pocket and a empanada. 

When researching how to say this word, "Empanadas", I found that there are many countries like that to stuff meat or veggies into yummy pockets of goodness (ie...pastries/dough/bread). Good. I am in good company. While there is such a thing as empanada dough this is just a nod to it, as I rely upon my Italian food obsession with pizza dough. 

This recipe is awesome because its the second half of my bake once eat twice meal, sweet & spicy beef picadillo supper. . Also the food is self contained its perfect for football and/or movie nights. I really hope you enjoy this one because it was super easy and fun. 

I did notice that the spiciness kinda went away from the picadillo after being in the fridge for a few days. So I did add some smoked sweet paprika and some chili pwd just sprinkled over the top of mine - but that was just a preference thing. 


1. Make or buy pizza dough - click here for an easy recipe with a minimal rise time 

2. Take your leftover Sweet & Spicy Picadillo out of the fridge. Click here for the ingredients. 

(I divided my dough recipe into 4 pieces)

3. Roll the pizza dough in a rectangle or circle shape

4. Fill each one side of each square (approx 1/4 cup of meat filling)

5. Bake at 400 degrees for approx 10 minutes or until golden brown

6. Let it rest for a minute so you don't burn your fingers and cut in half for children so it cools down faster

 * My husband cut his open and stuffed cheese inside... not a bad idea!! 

*Makes 4 large pizza pockets. Next time I will divide the dough into 8 and do smaller ones next time and bake them with cheese inside, but this was a great first time recipe!  

My kiddo enjoying the hands on meal! 

From my family to yours

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