Monday, February 17

Dark Chocolate Dessert Brownies

Dark chocolate is one of my favorite spurges in the life. Its not super sugary sweet and there are so many additions that can be added (salt, heat, spice, extracts like vanilla or hazelnut or orange) to give it variety without taking away from the richness. This recipe is just like that rich satisfying and amazing. Please note I did take some short cuts as I needed to know what temps would work best so everything cooked all the way through. Please use this as a guide with your own favorite recipes. This recipe uses 3 desserts in one, layered, to create a new fun dessert....which also explains my short cut this time with store bought cookie dough, and boxed brownie mix. This idea comes from here: 

Heres how it goes. 
1. Make the brownie batter in one bowl. Use your favorite recipe or grab a box mix. I used a generic store brand boxed mix that called for 1 or 2 eggs (I used 1 to make it less cake like), it called for 1/3 cup of veg oil (I used 2 Tb oil and one package 4oz of broccoli apple puree - any puree (applesauce, pumpkin, anything) can sub in for the extra oil and save you a nice handful of calories), it also called for 1/3 cup of water for which i used cooled down regular drip coffee. Coffee makes chocolate taste richer. You won't taste it I promise.  Set it aside. 

2.  Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies - your fav recipe or store bought. You'll need half of the batch enough for 12 cookies. Most batches makes 2 -3 dozen so you can either make the cookies separately or throw the dough into the fridge or freezer for later.  Set it aside. 

3. You need to purchase your favorite chocolate sandwich/oreo like cookies. I used chocolate with dark chocolate filling. You'll need 3/4s of a 12 oz package. 

4. Make or buy some chocolate frosting. 


1. Preheat your oven to 350 

2. Spray a 8x8 square baking dish with non stick spray and use foil or parchment to prevent sticking. You will want to be able to pull this out of the pan after it cools completely. 

3. Put the chocolate chip cookie dough down first into the baking dish. Push it with your fingers so it covers the bottom of the dish in a thin level line. This just takes a few moments if your cookie dough is straight from the fridge and hard. 

4. Over the cookie dough you are going to pour using a rubber spatula half of the brownie batter. 

5. Set the oreo cookies on top of the batter in a single layer. 

6. Pour the rest of the batter on top of the sandwich cookies covering them completely. Your spatula if you need to - to make sure all those cracks are filled completely. 

7. Bake until the brownie mix is done approx. 35-45 minutes. The earlier you take the pan out of the oven the fudgy and moist the brownies will be...  and the inverse... the longer you leave the brownies in the more cake-like they will be. Check with a tooth pick in multiple spots as the sandwich cookies filling will still be creamy and could give you a false result. 

8. While the brownies are still warm drop the frosting on top. Turn off the oven and let the frosting melt all over the top of the brownies. Occasionally I put them back in the oven for just a few minutes and the frosting just melts perfectly in a smooth shiny surface. No spreading and accidentally ripping or disturbing the soft surface of the brownies. 

9. Let the brownies cool for a good while... I would suggest at least an hr and half and up to three hrs for even smooth easy cutting. 

Then ta dahhh the ultimate dark chocolate dessert brownies will be yours. Pairs excellently with coffee. Enjoy!