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Freezer Buttermilk Multigrain Waffles

I love cooking for my family. I love eating breakfast foods. But there is something about letting the caffeine hit me ( coffee) before I really feel the need to eat or move anywhere for anyone. So I am absolutely thankful for make ahead breakfasts like these waffles. I found this recipe when my hubby starting working nights and would come home just after 6am and asking me to cook breakfast. yeah. well. I did cook for him some mornings just because I missed sleeping next to the guy. But I quickly needed to find a solution to feed him while I could still sit and drink my coffee before all my energy was consumed by my toddler. I hope that doesn't sound lazy. This recipe was one of the solutions. 

 Think hot crispy but tender on the inside, and secretatively very healthy (with whole grains) until you cover it with dripping melted butter and syrup (wink). Doesn't that sound good? 

Waffles are like the vehicle for yummy strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter (don't ask me... its what my hubby does), hot syrup, nuts, a perfectly runny Sunday side up egg, ect. Not saying this is the best waffle recipe ever, but it is way better than store bought. Try it! I would love to hear what you like on your waffles :)  The recipe below was a taste of home recipe, that I adapted, because I didn't like the ways it tried to make it healthier. For the original recipe... click here

Freezer Buttermilk Multigrain Waffles
Makes approx 28-30 waffles!! 
prep time + cooking time: 20-30 minutes depending on your size of waffle iron 

1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 cup oat flour
1 cup cornmeal 
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 Tb brown sugar
1 Tb baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
5 eggs
3 cups of buttermilk
2 Tbs canola oil
2 Tbs melted butter, unsalted 
Toppings for the waffles: syrup, fruit...ect..

1. Mix all the dry ingredients one bowl

2. Mix all the wet ingredients another bowl

3. Slowly mix all together until combined

4. Let the batter rest for a few minutes (5-10 minutes)

5. Heat up your waffle iron 

6. Start making waffles

7. If you are freezing these... Cool them completely on a plate. Put the waffles in between sheets of sheets of wax paper or parchment paper. Freeze them in labeled gallon sized freezer bags. The wax paper prevents sticking. I can usually get 10 waffles per gallon bag. 

Reheating or using the frozen waffles: 

1.Take out only what you need and put the freezer bag back to keep the rest frozen

2. Use your toaster to reheat your waffles

Best freezable healthy breakfast idea... EVER

From my kitchen to yours. 

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