Monday, April 1

Vanilla Rice Crispy Sprinkled Eggs

Happy Easter!
Jesus has Risen! 
Okay so I learned today that I cannot cut in a straight line! 
 Warning: This may have more "religious" feel to it than most of what I write but it is the holiday for it. I have many friends who don't believe the same as me, which is fine, they know I am praying for them (wink, wink... you know who you are). I am a christian, and today is a huge celebration day for me and my family. In addition to celebrating Easter, with food and family, we have taught our 3 yr old that the Easter bunny doesn't exist. It is like Santa Clause - just a nice story. Easter is all about Jesus and not about eggs and bunnies. We eat candy and spend time together because we are celebrating like a birthday party. My son knows all about birthday parties - the example worked with him. With all that being said.... I contradicted myself by making Easter eggs out of rice crispy treats with sprinkles for the party we are going to. It was such a cute food idea - I couldn't resist.  

This may simplify things too easy but here's the idea in my head... Easter is like a mini version of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about family, food, football, being thankful (having the right heart about others and freedom), ect. Similarly, Easter is about family, Jesus, also being thankful (having a thankful heart that Jesus came to save the world and rose again), and candy I mean food. 

I know the food part of Easter is "supposed to" be about lamb or a glazed ham... but for me it is all about the sweet stuff. I am not so concerned about the large meal as I am concentrating on an amazing dessert  for my family the night off, and fun treats for the Easter egg party for my son. 

This amazing recipe off of Ree Drummond's food blog, and all over pintrest had caught my eye. I added a bit of vanilla to make it different and fun. Next time I will try some homemade vanilla extract or some other flavor. They were a huge hit at the party. I made 20 eggs and 10 squares from the rice crispy recipe, and all but 1 egg was left. Try and add whatever flavors you want to make it your own. Enjoy!  P.S. My son did all the sprinkles and had a blast. We were all pretty sticky by the end. Good times! 

The recipe (totally easy) 
Cooking time: 3-5 minutes
Hands on time: 10 - 15 minutes 

1. Melt butter (4T) in a large pot over low heat

2. Add in the entire bag (10oz) of mini marshmellows and the vanilla extract (1/2 tsp)

3. Stir the marshmellows until they melt. 

4. Add in the rice crispy cereal (6 cups about half of a box) 

5. The important things to make these eggs are Prep, Prep, Prep. Have 2 plastic egg thingys sprayed with cooking spray before you are ready for them, and a bit on your hands doesn't hurt, and the sprinkles ready on plates or bowls. Its a time conscience activity because you wait too long the sprinkles won't stick. Do these things while your butter is melting or have your helper do these things (wink). 

6. Once the mixture looks homogeneous start adding several spoonfuls into each plastic egg. Close the egg completely once it is full. Count to 30 or 60 that's all the time you really need to get the nice egg shape.  Give the egg to your helper and fill them up again. Keep the pan on the lowest heat setting to give you some extra time to get the eggs all shaped. 

7.  Your helper should gently roll them in the yummy sprinkles or chocolate chips would be yummy too, and set them on a pretty plate to set. Eat them over the next couple hours or put plastic over them and they will last a few days. No refrigeration needed just a bit of willpower so you don't eat the entire bunch yourself. 


From my Kitchen to yours

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