Monday, July 8

Asparagus & Leek Soup: Perfect Summer Lunch

I tried out this new vegetable soup recipe while my in-laws were visiting. It wasn't planned that way. I didn't want to make them think that I was experimenting on them. I would never experiment on them. At least I wouldn't try something outrageous on them - that sounds more realistic. I blame this on the weather. It was so hot, a light lunch sounded so nice. I was right. It was perfectly light and tasty. My hubby would've been asking for a sandwich or meat I am sure, but for a couple of women it was great!

Healthy + light = perfect summer food.

Cheers to summer and all the wonderful produce available at stands, grocery stores, and farmers markets. I left my soup a little chunky and served it warm. But the original recipe says to serve it cold as a pureed velvety soup just better than anything you possibly could get from a can. Make it however you like... I think this would be great with bacon added. Then again I think most things would be good with bacon, wink.

Asparagus Leek Soup

Serves 4 - One medium bowl each

prep time: 5 minutes
cook time: 20 minutes


2 Tbs salted butter, divided
1 cup of chicken stock
1 cup of water
2 leeks, white and light green only
1/2 bunch of asparagus 
1 Tbs all purpose flour
1 Tbs half & half
1/2 Tbs dijon mustard (with wine - not grainy kind)
salt & pepper to taste
bread/crackers/biscuits (optional)
white cheddar cheese or your favorite kind (optional)


1. Do all your prep work. Rough chop the asparagus. Chop the leeks into circles, then again into crescent shapes. 

2. Rinse the leeks very well... sand and dirt like to hide in between the layers. It seems time consuming but grab a bowl and run water over them and use your hands to separate most of the layers to get them clean. 

3. Melt 1/2 of the butter over medium heat in a medium-low saucepan. Add the leeks to the butter. 

4. Saute the leeks for 10 minutes. 

5. Add in the asparagus and chicken stock and cook over medium heat uncovered for 4-5 minutes. Remove from heat.

6. While asparagus is getting tender, in a small saucepan melt the other Tbs of butter to create a roux. A roux is the beginning of most sauces I make. Its super easy.  When the butter is all melted, and begins to bubble, add the flour and stir it in. Let the flour cook for 2 minutes and reduce the heat to medium low. The flour and butter will look yellow and clumpy. Gradually pour in the water. Bring the water to a simmer turning up the heat a little if you need to. Whisk it as it begins to thicken. This can take anywhere from 3-5 minutes. When it takes on the consistency of gravy stir in the dijon mustard. Remove from heat and set it aside. Watch your sauce. Trust me this is not a good time to go check on the laundry.

7. Use an immersion blender, food processor, or regular blender to puree the vegetables and broth until it is the texture to your liking. Like I said before... Ieft mine a tad chunky.

8. Return your soup to the saucepan, taste it, add salt or pepper, or any other seasoning that you want to throw in, and stir in the half and half to create a rich creaminess. 

9. Top your soup with some shredded cheese or just serve it with cheese & crackers, toast or, biscuits and jam for a lovely summer lunch with your best friend, neighbor, or mother in law :) You know I never understood the whole evil mother in law thing... I love mine. She just lives so far away I don't get to see her much. 

Happy Summer Eating
Enjoy your summer veggies
From my kitchen to yours!

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