Thursday, August 22

5 Ingredient 5 Step 5 Minute Banana Breakfast or Dessert

These banana creations are exactly what you need to be having this summer. Chances are you have most of the ingredients already. Its only 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Super easy.

Its been averaging 109-115 degrees lately here in southern Arizona. Football season is starting very soon and all I can think about is trying to stay cool and calm and get through the last bit of summer. Last September was awesome 90-100 degree bbq weather. I loved every minute of it. But its not September yet so I need to cool my jets and eat another one of these yummy pintrest banana creations. Try one or five. I promise you'll like it. 

Also love this little creation for its flexibility. You can use your kiddos favorite flavor of yogurt, use nuts instead of granola, dip and cover the bananas in almond butter, peanut butter, or dip in any kind of chocolate for a fun easy kid friendly dessert. AND unlike all those ice cream type desserts your banana won't melt all over your floor!  

Long live bananas :) 

                        Recipe's author is  Chocolate Covered Katie - a healthy desert blog. 
This recipe makes 4 servings
Takes 5 minutes to prep + minimum of 4 hrs of freezing time on parchment lined cookie sheet for less mess 


2 bananas, cut in half

1/4 cup plain organic yogurt 

1 handful granola your choice, you want it small chunks (large ones tended to fall off) if you have clusters just hit them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin or unopened can of food 

small handful of your favorite candy, pieces of chocolate, or small chocolate chips

4 popsicle sticks (this took me forever to find... don't know why the regular grocery stores didn't carry it... check micheals or another craft store if you need them)


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