Wednesday, August 28

Top Football Foods

This is one of my best ideas yet.... we'll have to wait and see how it goes. I joined a league, playing fantasy football this year with my hubby and his work buddies. I haven't ever done anything like that before. I have hit a few softballs at the work guys softball game and hit a few softballs when we were all hanging out at some batting cages, but this is new territory. Football is way more important than softball. I really don't want to embrass myself. So I am sort of freaking out in a good way. I do love a good challenge, I just don't want to be that wife or that girl. Just for the record. I do love football. It's my favorite sport. I have lots of t-shirts and even have a jersey with one of my all time favorite Seattle player. But this fantasy thing is a bit more involved than only recognizing key players by name or number, knowing the names of plays, yelling at the tv, of course and showing up with good football food. So yeah. Here goes it. The draft thingy is tonight. I have a list. I think I have spent about 3 hrs watching youtube videos trying to figure this thing out. Any other bloggers doing the fantasy football thing this year?

I have combiled a list of top football foods I have made in the past and some that I am lookin' forward to making this year. In our house football is a perfect reason for consuming as much food as humanly possible with our hands. Of course not eating at the table and eating foods on a stick is my son's dream. Whats your favorite food to eat while watching sports? 

Football Food - already on my blog that I made last year. 
1. Pizza - Definitely (made several versions here, here, and there)
2. Pizza bites - one of my son's favorite lunches & a freezable app that you can do the day before or week before a big game so you can relax.
3. Bacon Guacamole to go with all those bags of chips we'll be eating. That's a given.
4. Sliders - Cheesy, Smoky - Delish and small enough you can have 2 or 3 and not be overdoing it too much.

Ten (or so) Football Foods I want to make this year 
1. Pretzel-y things and dip like this
2. Pretzel Dogs like made here
3. Super cute football shaped cookies like these
4. Tacos in a different package like these taco wantons
5. Guacamole Bruschetta - the perfect side to pizza
6. Or some savory cheesy garlicky pull apart bread like this whole wheat wonder
7. I will definitely be tweaking this slow cooker - taco soup in bread bowl idea as seen here
8. Baked Mozzarella Sticks. This recipe has 66 positive reviews. Can't wait to try!
9.  Pesto Cheesy Bread - Sounds amazing. Click here if you want to be hungry like me now.
10. PW's Drippy Beef Sliders - looks amazing
11.  A slider version of these Chicken Parm Burgers would be good
12. Quesadillas - Maybe even sneaking in some amazing veggies like butternut squash & kale
13.  Pepperoni Pizza burgers - The best of both worlds pizza & burger.

Okay so I got more than 10 on my list. Cooking football food is fun though. Its different than any other holiday or season. You get to focus on flavor, and portablity. You don't have to fuss with how things look per say unless you are at a super bowl party and get the team colors wrong on a cupcake. Football food is relaxed comfort food without much consideration to anything else including calories. There I said it. There is a reason why people wear sweaters in the fall, right? :) Okay I tried to include some veg and whole grain items in there but in all reality I make at least a dozen pizzas over a course of football season easily. I don't even want to know the calories there. Kudos to the other bloggers that these ideas came from. Since obviously I spent more time last season making pizza than anything else football food worthy on my blog.... for now. Stay tuned. Football food coming up next.

Happy Football Season to ya
From my kitchen to yours!  

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