Monday, September 23

The trouble with Cooking and Blogging + Recipe #3 Rosemary Leek & Yellow Squash Soup

I have been cooking and baking a lot lately. Part of it has to do with summer ending and my freezer looking empty, the abundance of pumpkin, squash, & zucchini lookin' so good at the grocery store, or this little contest about cooking/baking 30 Rachael Ray recipes in 30 days. So yes lot of cooking.... 

I am constantly trying new recipes so this isn't a huge change from my family but blogging AND cooking AND trying to keep up with the dishes (yeah some reality there) is a bit more exhausting than I may have previously realized. Although it does seem pairing down my huge stack of cooking magazines in my kitchen with recipes that I keep saying 'I will try someday'. But I am only on day 3 errr recipe 3, and I already see a potential problem.... what if the recipe I make doesn't turn out. How is a person supposed to blog about something that was good or okay. I want to blog about the best bites.... those bites that you can remember days, months, years later. So in other words, I have a new found respect for those amazing cookbook writers that have deadlines and cooking competing each other. 

My plan this morning was to write about the pumpkin bread I made, but only moments after I had sliced the warm pumpkin-y bread I heard my husband ask if the we had any of that "other bread" still. Sigh. He's talking about a delish zucchini coffee cake I made a week ago that didn't even last a whole 24 hrs. (click on the title to see the recipe). I thought the warm, buttered, golden colored pumpkin bread was good, but it created enough doubt to make me rethink my blogging plans. Darn. 

So plan B. Do I have a plan B? Yes by accident. Thanks for asking. I made a new soup recipe for lunch. Fall is the perfect season for soup. This light, creamy, veggie filled, soup is easy, and only 5 ingredients, and is done in less than 15 minutes. I found the original recipe in an August 2007 issue of Everyday, modifying a cold summer soup into a fall soup with a touch more of flavor from dried herbs, warm broth a little less fat than the original. 

Rosemary Leek & Yellow Squash Soup
Serves 4

3 Tb organic butter, unsalted
1 leek, washed and chopped
1/2 cup of half & half
3 cups homemade or store bought chicken stock/broth
3/4 lb of yellow squash, chopped (2 or 3)
salt & pepper to taste (I started with 1/4 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp pepper)
1 tsp dried rosemary, crushed

1. Over medium heat saute the leek and squash pieces in the butter for about 10 minutes until it is tender. 
2. Add in the cream and bring it to a boil 
3. Remove from heat, use an immersion blender or a blender or food processor to puree the mixture. 
4. Return it back to the stove. Add in the seasonings and the chicken broth. 
5. Taste and adjust seasonings. Heat through and serve with crackers or toast. 

Enjoy fall with yummy healthy creamy soup
From my kitchen to yours!

P.S. If you have a good pumpkin bread recipe please a leave a link in the comments below - will be needing one or will be making a lot of zucchini coffee cake in the my future (oh darn)

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