Saturday, November 23

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

So I usually post recipes that are successful on my blog after thanksgiving is over - its nice since I know I am giving out good recipes that work for people, families, and taste good. I haven't ever posted a recipe I haven't made. But it doesn't help those who are looking for ideas to make themselves.... I have been scouring blogs and cookbooks coming up with new ideas myself. There are so many fun ideas this year! I love the emphasis I am seeing of eating better, cleaner :) So I grouped things into two categories... things I have made the last several years that have worked, and my menu for this year including some new recipes I haven't ever tried. 

#1 Here's my "go to" Thanksgiving menu
These dishes have been made over and over and over again. The dip made its first appearance last year and was yummy and easy. Appetizers are great if you are having people over early to watch one of the 3 football games.

1. Fruited Cranberry Sauce
2. Super delicious light fluffy rolls   (make extra of these if you are having a small group over - they freeze wonderfully & if you make the extras bigger than all the rest - they are the perfect hamburger buns. 

See this link: for picture and recipe on how to use these rolls as hamburger buns.

3. Hot (not spicy) Italian Cheesy Dip
4. Buttermilk Sausage Cornbread Stuffing 

Group #2 This year's Thanksgiving Menu 
click on the title to see the recipe on another blog/website

breakfast: Crockpot apple butter made the weekend before & scones made the day before

App: Sliced Veggies & Homemade Ranch Dip

App: Homemade Honey BBQ Baked Chicken Wings (leaving the alcohol out) 
App:  my take of this recipe halved- super excited to transform it with my favorite pizza ingredients Pizza Potato Skins

Turkey (made with fruit, fresh herbs + butter)
Side: Buttermilk Sausage Cornbread Stuffing (See link above)
Side: Fruited Cranberry Sauce (see link above)
Side: Soft Rolls (see link above)
Side: Gravy (pretty standard = flour + turkey drippings + stock)
Side: White Rice- its a tradition at my house 
Side: Rutabega Pear Mash (serves 10 perfect  for leftovers to go with chicken or as a topping for shepherds pie later in the week)

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