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Bacon & Scrambled Egg "Nests"

Mothers Day is May 10th this year. Yeah its coming up fast. Don't worry this recipe has you covered. You'll have to do the flower thing on your own but a nice breakfast in bed can go a very long way. I'll show you. 

Breakfast is a very busy time in my house so I usually don't take a lot of time to cook anything unless I am up before 6am. A snapshot of my kitchen on any given morning includes like two bowls lined up for the mircowave...the baby's frozen puree gets reheated for 45 seconds, my son gets frozen berries defrosted and warmed for his plain yogurt. A container of homemade granola is on the kitchen table, and my son can take as much as he wants of the maple flavored nutty mix. I eat some eggs of some kind with sliced avocado on top after the chaos has died down. My husband breezes in from work and has already eaten. He is headed to bed. Dishes are piled up for washing in the sink, teeth are speedily brushed, and the rest of us are headed to soccer, doctors appointments, the grocery store, school, ect... 

So when I saw this adorable egg "nest" recipe - my first question was how long does it take to make. Even a super cute breakfast has to be easy enough to execute with a hungry baby and a 5 yr old. Thankfully it doesn't take long AND most of the cooking time is in the oven = hands off cooking. 

So you should make this easy breakfast cutesy brunch thing because if I can do while trying to feed a baby after not sleeping all night with no cofee onboard, you definately can! Plus there's bacon. I love bacon. Don't you like bacon too? If you say no, I might not be able to be friends with you. Just saying... 

This is the perfect recipe for leftovers. One of my survival methods for cooking with a baby in the house is: If you have to do something once, double it, to stretch it for another meal. For example, if you have to shred cheese for mac and cheese, do some extra for eggs the next morning, or to top a salad for the next afternoon, or for a quick quesadilla lunch for the kids. Recently, I had just been to a little party celebrating season 2 of a new favorite show, When Calls the Heart, and brought a bunch of baked potatoes and toppings. The leftovers were perfect to transform into a breakfast of champions or these adorably cute nests. 

Bacon & Scrambled Egg Nests
Makes 6 nests  -  serves 3 
Recipe from: the cooking jar

1 cooked baked potato, cooled, peeled
1 cup of medium or sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 Tbs olive oil
1 tsp dried parsley or 1 Tbs fresh if you have it
5 eggs
2 pieces of cooked bacon, small diced

1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F and use cooking spray/nonstick spray on a muffin tin to prevent sticking. 
2. On a large cutting board grate your potato or use packaged preshredded hashbrowns
3. On the same cutting board shred your cheese or use preshredded cheese. In a small bowl set aside a small handful of cheese for later.
4. Top the large pile of cheese and potatoes with a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and olive oil. Mix together it with your hands.
5. While your hands are still messy use them to fill each tin with the hashbrown mix as even amounts as much as possible. 

6. Press the mix firmly along the sides of the muffin tin's holes to create space for the eggs to go into. 
7. When the oven is hot bake the hasbrown mix for 15-16 minutes. The edges of the hasbrowns should be golden and the cheese should be melted. 
8. Crack all the eggs into a bowl and scramble with a fork
9. After pulling the hashbrowns out of the oven, turn down the oven to 350 degrees. Then slowly pour some egg into each muffin tin carefully.

10. Sprinkle each with the cooked diced bacon, a sprinkle of of pepper, parsley, and the remaining cheese. 

11. Bake for 13-15 minutes (mine was done at 13 minutes). 
12. Let the nests set for a few minutes, this will also help you to not burn your fingers on hot food. Use a table knife and run it around the edge of each nest. For easy removal gently use a fork to lift the nest out hopefully in one piece. 

Serve with toast, biscuits, english muffins and/or fresh fruit.

Thats it. Happy eating from my Az Kitchen to yours

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