Thursday, September 15

BEST. EVER. Pork & Squash Curry Skillet

Sweet nutty butternut squash meets tender pork chunks in a slightly spicy light coconut flavored sauce. The cilantro and lime just puts it over the top. You have to make this... serve it with easy plain white rice, nutty brown rice, or naan or flatbread or all of them.

Fall is practically here. Yay! Summer is my least fav season here in southern az. Fall makes my family happy. I am not chasing them down with sunscreen nor stalking them with water bottles/sippy cups to keep them dehydrated. Skillets and one pan means are the thing right now... which totally makes sense. Fall is busy. Sports. Football. School. Football. School events. Monday night football on tv. Lol yeah we do a lot of football in our house. So in honor of fall, and the busyness that seems to accompany it every. single. year. heres a super tasty super easy one pot skillet dinner. 

Ya literally dump food into a single deep pan, stir, season, dump a few more things in, and let it cook and tah dahhh you're done. Super easy prep. Super easy ingredient list. Super delicious... and ahem if you end up with leftovers no guarantees you will but just incase it does reheat really well.  

Please note: This dish needs a bit of resting time at the end to get that sauce into that thick luscious stunning flavor bomb so it is a great make ahead dish or weekend dish when you have some extra time. Most women I know don't have an hr and half for dinner on a weekday so that's the only ity bity drawback. 

Recipe comes from a fun cookbook titled One Pot One Bowl by Kim McCosker. 
Serves 4 adults when occupied with a couple scoops of rice 

Ingredient list:

1 pound of boneless pork loin cubed (I bought a big one on sale and just had the butcher at the grocery meat counter cut off approx a pound and I threw the remaining meat in the freezer for another meal later) 

2 Tbs green mild curry paste
1 can (about 13 oz) of lite coconut milk 

1 smaller butternut squash cut and cubed - about 3 cups slightly larger than bite sized. The cubes should be the same size as the meat so it cooks evenly.

salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup water
1-2 tsp of oil (optional) 
cilantro (optional but tastes amazing)
1 lime cut into wedges (1/4 of lime per person) really adds important balance and brightness

Easy 3 Step Directions  (yeah its that easy)

1. Brown the pork, move it around until you see some color - color = more flavors and textures. I had to use 1 tsp of oil to get it started but this is not necessary. Pork should be about half way cooked. 

2. Add in curry paste and bring it to a boil. Cook for another 3-5 minutes

3. Add in everything else and cook for 35 minutes over medium or medium low heat. It looks like too much liquid but its okay. When you finish pork should be completely cooked through. and squash should be fork tender still in chunks. Taste it now, carefully, its hot and add salt and pepper to your liking. 

Then its done.... Now the sauce is thin when you finish but when it cools it thickens up which is what you want. So I highly highly recommend you making this an 45 minutes or more in advance and throw it in the fridge so it has time to cool down. After 30 minutes of letting mine rest in the fridge, the serving bowl I had put mine in was chilled, but the food was still warm so I just served it as it - not reheating it but if you need to reheat it go ahead should only take a few minutes. I had hungry kiddos so I served mine then but towards the end of the meal I noticed that the sauce thickened up even more, making me wish i had waited a few more minutes. Empty bowls all around though... 

Garnish with lime and cilantro if using

Eat and enjoy! 

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