Monday, November 3

First Post-Baby Post + 3 favorite Fall Recipes

This is my first blog post in awhile because our little guy is finally here!! I should rephrase that. Our little guy who was born in September is finally home! He had an extended vacation after birth in the nicu, but he's doing great now. We are facing some long term health issues, but most of it is wait and see (fun not). But his resilience is amazing. I should be taking notes from him!! Born September 9th, 34 weeks, 6 lbs 2 oz if anyone is wanting some real details. I am pretty proud of him for packing on some weight so fast - it really helped his recovery to be a bit bigger at birth.   

That being said things are finally starting to look like life again. Sort of. So sleep deprived. Anyone else know what I am talking about? Hope so. Otherwise I have completely lost it and I should just start finding recipes for chocolate because nothing else good is going to happen next - besides me wanting to curl up and 
sleep in a corner. But it does mean I am cooking and baking again as much as humanly possible. Very happy to be back in my own kitchen. 

So life happens. Now on to food. Food is my what my normal blog topics are about. Fall is my favorite season. Can anyone believe it's November already? I can't believe I missed  October - that entire month I was in the hospital, driving to and from the hospital, driving to and from my son's school to drop him off at a friends house so I could get back to the hospital, sleeping on those horrible fold out bed couch things... You get the idea. I am sad I felt like I missed a whole month of cooking and baking with yummy fall things. So I desperately need to make up for lost time here. 

Here how I am kicking off my love of fall with 3 fall foods.

First, last Saturday morning I made these yummy things for breakfasts this week. Pumpkin is definitely a fall staple in my house: Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oat Muffins - Long name for an easy to make and even easier to eat after school snack or breakfast.  

Second, this next week I am planning on making some of these chocolately- fall flavored veggie cookies. Yes veggie cookies. They are healthy with 3 different kinds of veg and quite tasty: Autumn Chocolate Chip Cookies

Third another breakfast staple with pumpkin we'll be eating is some delicious Three Grain Walnut Pumpkin Pancakes. I heart walnuts and I really think the earthy taste pairs perfectly with the slightly earthy slightly sweet mild pumpkin taste. This is an oldie but goodie recipe please ignore the bad black and white pictures. I think I was going through a phase. P.S. Don't wait for a weekend to make this one. Whip it up in just a couple minutes or make it the night before and cover it and throw it in the fridge for a hot breakfast the next morning in mere minutes! 

So thats my initial game plan to break out the pumpkin and fall flavors! Thanks for reading! Happy fall to ya. Stick around for some more great fall eats - after I just take a quick little nap. 


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