Wednesday, November 12

Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Bread

This pumpkin bread, that I made for breakfast this morning, tastes like pumpkin pie. Totally serious. It made my house smell like one of those expensive candles too. It has all those familiar spices ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and that earthy mild wonderful pumpkin flavor. Yes, I would love some pie for breakfast. If I was still prego I could probably get away with it too. But now that I am trying to start fitting back into normal clothes - this healthy breakfast, brunch bread, after school snack bread that simply tastes like pie - is exactly what I need in my life. You do too. 

The recipe can't be simpler. I grabbed all the ingredients and started just mixing them one by one (wet ingredients first) in my mixer and within 5 minutes the batter was made. Treat your taste buds to some fall by clicking here which will take you to the original recipe which I followed almost exactly. I left out the pecans and added turbinado sugar to top of the batter after pouring it in the greased loaf pan. Since typing in-between feedings isn't the easiest I decided to not rehash a very well written recipe. My took 15 minutes longer to bake than his, so please watch your bread and adjust as needed. 

Enjoy your fall day! 

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