Saturday, August 6

My top 7 zucchini recipes - Happy Fall (Almost)

Zucchini! I mean Fall! 

Yay fall is almost here! (just don't look at the temperatures here in southern Az). School has started. To me Fall definitely means some fine food flavors are ready for picking and eating pumpkin and zucchini are my top favs. Football is starting. I may be jumping the gun just a little bit but I just can't wait any longer. Anyone who knows me really well knows I love zucchini. It is my "go to" healthy addition to most recipes. I add it into everything. Really. Cinnamon rolls. Chili. Any pasta dish. Yup I even sauté it up plain with s & p for little almost walking one for lunch. 

So here are my top zucchini recipes to help you start using up celebrating the end of another hot summer with all those end of the season lovely green veggies. Eat your veggies while you enjoy the end of summer. Sorry if I sounded like a mom just then. Happens. It will be good for you waist (for that upcoming back to school party or halloween party which is a mere couple months away). Plus in most of these delicious eats you don't even notice its there, which means you can still serve a vegetable on the side and no one will even know but you. I say most because in the last recipe you will know its there but the sauce is so amazing you won't even care. Seriously. Super secret mom stuff. 

Click on the name below the picture to get to the recipe :) 

P.S. To add to all this deliciousness, I will be posting 10 new zucchini recipes over the next 2 months. Eat your veggies. Stay tuned! 

 #1 most kid friendly zucchini recipe: Juiciest zucchini cheeseburgers 

#2 most kid friendly zucchini recipe: Zucchini hamburger helper

Quick zucchini asian beef bowl   (recipe most requested by my family)

Thanks for stopping by to see these yummy and healthy eats. 


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