Tuesday, January 1

Top Five Recipes in 2012 (most viewed)

As the first day of 2013 is winding down. I hope you had a safe and fun end of the year celebration with family and/or friends. We stayed home this year (being new to the area) and not wanting to get a sitter. So my hubby and I put our little guy to bed, and filled the night with favorite tv shows, snacks, popcorn, a movie, and some experimental drinking. Yeah that's exactly what it sounded like. We have no real skills in mixing drinks, but were having a blast trying! Cheers to 2013 may the recipes overflow your kitchen with food cooked with love, and please may I learn a decent mixed drink before Dec 31, 1013! Click each name for the recipe. 

The Top/Most Viewed recipes for 2012 were: 

1. Beef and Sausage Corn Skillet with Rosemary Scented Rice with 132 views.

 2. Mexican Style Stuffed Acorn Squash with 20 views

 3. 8 Ways to Use Leftover Pumpkin with 17 views

4. Pizza: My family's favorite Meal with 16 views

5. Beef Stew: Turkish Style with a not shabby 15 views

Runners Up (all above 10 views each):

6. Perfectly Pumpkin Pasta

7. Sweet & Spicy Beef Picadillo (make ahead meal)

8. Italian White Pizza Dip

9. Bacon-y Cheese-y Brunch (pull apart bread - perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter or just because I want to treat my family to an easy special breakfast type of thing)

10. Smokey Spicy Chicken Sandwiches  

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