Wednesday, September 4

Chicken Roundup - My top Chicken Recipes

It is officially September. This is my favorite season and part of the year. Fall. Although it doesn't quite look it at my house, being over 100 degrees still, I am very hopeful and excited for all things fall. My favorite things about this time of the year are long walks outside and finding leaves to crunch with my kiddo, watching nature change colors - yes even in Arizona, Seattle Seahawks football of course, making more comfort type foods like chili, pumpkin anything, stews, and soups. 

But fall is also a return to the busy season of life for many. Vacations are all over. Here in our house its the same... fall is plain busy. For us it means college for my hard working spouse, and perhaps orchestra if he can squeeze it in after working 40+ hrs a week, sports for my kiddo (who isn't in school yet), and a more concentrated effort on my part to get his "learning time" in a few days a week. For me its a bit less stressful but we are new home owners so I am still finding new projects to work on and ways to improve and make this new acquisition our home.   

So to combat the upcoming busy season here's my top 12 or so chicken recipes as pictured above left to right. Hope this is a good resource for you. 

Note: several of these are less than 30 minutes, several are good recipes for using up 1-2 cups of leftover chicken from another meal, and others are make-ahead/freezer friendly. Have a good start to your fall with some creative new ways to use chicken. 


From my kitchen to yours! 

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